SS4B Stoke by Nayland Resort Careers Event

Posted 15 Oct 2022

This event was made possible thanks to Peter Osbourne, Commercial Director of SbN. Peter is a great supporter of The Elena Baltacha Foundation. Through his close relationship with EBF Chairman, Nino Severino, Peter has been committed to supporting our charitable objectives, mainly working with children from deprived areas, giving them personal development opportunities through the tennis and SS4B Programme. We would like to extend a massive thank you to Peter, all the staff at the resort, and of course the owners of the Stoke by Nayland complex.

For the first time in over two years we finally had the opportunity to host our first live careers event with our Sport Skills 4 Business students and ambassadors at the Stoke by Nayland Resort. This delivered an amazing opportunity for all the SS4B students.

It’s very important to mention our SS4B Programme Director, Jamie Lewis and the Ipswich Academy staff Leanne Bennett and Vicky Addis, who all worked tirelessly to make this event possible.

The students from Paradigm Trust, Ipswich Academy truly experienced the benefits and positivity of what SS4B Personal Development Programme is all about. It gave them the opportunity to link the virtues they are developing through sport, to the real-life skills needed in the work place. It also linked them with key members of Stoke by Nayland, and hear first-hand what it is they look for in a new employee.

The day started when a large Beeston coach delivered the students to the main entrance.The group then made its way to the presentation room where the SbN staff made us all very welcome and explained what the day entailed.

The students were then split into two groups and started their journey through the SbN Resort experience. The day’s schedule was designed to ensure that the students left SBN with a real understanding of the work place opportunities, and how they can apply their sports skills in a very valuable way within the set up of a commercial company like theirs.

The Spa and the gym was the first experience, this was led by one of the Personal Trainers at the resort. It started with a presentation, explaining the responsibilities of a PT, how they can add value to the SbN clients, and the business opportunities for a PT in an outstanding venue such as SbN. There was a very special treat in store for the pupils - a high energy work out led by the resident PT -  load pumping, high energy music, lots of physical challenges, smiles and laughter. 

Next stop was the house keeping department, giving all the students an insight into the hard work it takes, by a committed team to ensure the guests enjoy a superior stay at the resort. On the way through to the golf shop the students stopped to look at the gifts from the many premiership football clubs who have stayed at SbN, in particular the framed gift from Manchester United Football Club.

This was followed by a talk from the golf team, and a wonderful walk around the golf course, made even more enjoyable, due to the wonderful sunshine.


It was then time to go into the class room environment, to work with the highly skilled marketing and promotions team. We focused on a number of projects, including the value and power of social media, all leading to developing an effective SbN marketing campaign.

It was then time for a break and we thank SbN for providing an amazing complimentary lunch. This was followed by a superb presentation by Mathew Manning the Managing Director, who told his education and career story to the students. This was a hugely inspirational and motivational experience.

The students left Stoke by Nayland in extremely high spirits. Lots of laughter and smiles, but most importantly armed with very positive career advice thanks to everything they learned from their amazing experience at Stoke by Nayland Resort.


by Wendy Henderson