Rally for bally

 Rally for Bally

EBAT Fundraising

The fundraising for EBAT all started weeks after Bally’s passing, through the Rally for Bally campaign that took place at the Aegon Championships at Queens’ Club and other Pre- Wimbledon grass court events at Edgbaston, Nottingham and Eastbourne in that year. 

These events were supported by some of the worlds best and well known tennis players who all showed their respects to Bally.

It is our intention to rejuvenate the Rally for Bally campaign and to deliver high profile events at the same Pre-Wimbledon grass court events, whilst also producing a fundraising pack for anyone and everyone to run a similar scale fundraising event at their, club, park or school.

The plans are currently under construction and we will be making an announcement soon so keep an eye on this page and our social media for more details as soon as they are released.

Visit our Just Giving page for more details.


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