The Elena Baltacha Foundation is proud of the players they have introduced to tennis through their tennis opportunities. In the short space of time that it has been taking tennis to kids across the local area, many of these children have travelled up the player pathway, to county, regional, National and even international level through the clubs they have joined.

Here are examples of just some of the players who have been introduced to tennis through The Elena Baltacha Foundation.



It's difficult to put into words just what a difference joining Elena Baltacha’s Academy of Tennis has made to Jessica's life.

Jessica's journey with the academy began in November 2014, when members of the academy coaching team went into her school and offered a free coaching session for every class in the school.

I recall clearly collecting Jessica from school the day of her classes session. Her teacher pulled me to one side and explained that Jess had performed particularly well... Read More.


Our daughter Ella Glanville aged 9, has been part of EBAT since Summer 2013. She was asked to attend some squad training sessions after EBAT came to their school.

Ella was a shy girl and also struggled to maintain focus on specific tasks at school. Ella attended these sessions and little did we know at the time how much her and our life was going to change to revolve around Tennis!.

She is now a confident, sociable, head strong, determined, and focussed girl and EBAT/Tennis... Read More.


Lewis joined the EBAT academy in September 2014 at the age of 6.  He has always loved sports and it was not long before he was asking to increase his squads so he could spend more time with his new friends.

The coaching has been set to strike the right balance between having fun and teaching the players discipline and respect ... Read More.


Joe was born in September 2006 with chronic asthma and had spent his first Christmas in hospital on a ventilator.  For the first few years of Joe’s life, he had to take steroids for his asthma and life wasn’t always easy for him. 

EBAT attended Joe’s school, Dale Hall, in May 2013 when Joe was almost 7.  Joe attended 3 free sessions with EBAT and enjoyed it so much that he started attending some sessions with EBAT on Saturday mornings...Read More.


It was Easter 2013 when my son, Jasper, came home with information from EBAT in his book bag. When I read that he had been invited to join the tennis Academy I burst out laughing!

As much as I adore all racket sports, it had never occurred to me that there would be the facilities and coaching for Jasper to learn at 5 years old. Besides, we live in Ipswich – home of football...Read More.

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