A night over zoom with EBF Patron Judy Murray

Posted 09 Mar 2021

The foundation had some Friday night fun thanks to our Patron Judy Murray who joined nearly 50 attendees on an exclusive Zoom, banishing any lingering January lockdown blues.

The evening started with a very entertaining quiz about her boys Jamie and Andrew.  

Judy then held a Question and Answer session and shared a wealth of knowledge and experience by answering several questions from the very youngest of the foundation players, right through to coaches and parents. The range of questions was really broad and certainly impressive, particularly from the very young players. They ranged from ‘how can we motivate a child who is isn’t performing well?’, to ‘, ‘as a parent watching your child on court, how do you remain calm?’
Judy responded to every question with enthusiasm (occasional humour) and took her time to really explain, sharing her own experiences of being both a coach and a Mum.

We are truly grateful to Judy for spending the evening with us. We know the children were incredibly pleased to see her, and some even shared memories of meeting her in Ipswich a few years go. It was clear that despite lockdown restrictions, the young players’ enthusiasm for tennis is as strong as ever.  We all know how vital sport is for the physical and mental wellbeing of children. They will really benefit after so many months of disruption. 

2020 was a challenging year for us, just like it was for so many others, so to say we’re looking forward to getting back into the community, playing tennis with youngsters again, is an understatement! 
We are looking ahead to the coming months of 2021 with a very positive attitude and have some great projects planned. 

Thank you Judy, for a really great evening and for your continued support of the foundation, which has enabled us to continue Elena’s legacy.  

by Wendy Henderson