EBAT Girls attend Patron Judy Murray's 'She Rallies' Event

Posted 18 May 2017

On 24th April two of our EBAT girls, Erin Scanlon and Maria Torres-Lopez were invited to attend a regional She Rallies event which was lead by Foundation and Academy Patron, Judy Murray. Erin and Maria were invited to take part in a fun recreational team competition in the afternoon and also got to join the female activators in a Q&A session with Judy. After speaking with the girls who attended it was shown to be a fantastic event in which they learnt many new skills to support their tennis development. Erin in particular enjoyed the balancing drill that involved standing on an upturned arch whilst passing the ball to their partner. Many of the girls that attended were all from different clubs, so it was nice for the children to integrate and have fun with girls of all different age, as well as Judy and the ambassadors, who Erin mentioned made them all feel welcome and comfortable there.
One of the ambassadors that helped to run the day was EBAT coach Emily Wharton and she is truly dedicated to this initiative and the launch of it with others in the East. After speaking with her we had a greater understanding of what She Rallies is about and the main aim is to attract and retain more women and girls in tennis in the U.K by inspiring and empowering a female workforce to create tennis opportunities to women and girls. 

The regional day with Judy was the start of She Rallies training in the East and Emily will now be looking to deliver many She Rallies events in the Suffolk area. So we hope that this takes off and many girls within the academy and around the Suffolk area take this opportunity to participate in tennis and further the ideas of Judy.

by Wendy Henderson