Posted 3rd Jun

News and Stories by Nino Severino

Our SS4B programme is now supported by our first incredible ambassadors. We wanted to ensure that we could present very strong role models to all our students who are currently studying the SS4B modules. It’s very important to inspire and motivate young students, through their contact and connection with these incredible business and career professionals.

We would like to thank all our ambassadors, for taking the time and effort to invest in this very valuable personal development programme. The combination of outstanding resource, with real life examples of what can be achieved through hard work and commitment, is a very powerful combination.

We would like to present our first SS4B Ambassadors, and their inspirational words to our ‘Athlete Students’.

Kelly Anna – Globally recognised artist and designer

"I know what it's like to have a vision and I see it in all these young students.  I hope my story can inspire and motivate the students and prove that hard work and commitment can take you to these places. 

Confidence in ourselves and our work is something that builds over time, so keep working at that" 

Mark Weston  – Head of global sales capabilities

There is always, going to be someone who doesn’t see your worth. Don’t let that person be you.

Leoni Waghorn  – Pupil Barrister at St Ives Chambers

Coming from a working-class background and a teenage single parent, I was acutely aware of how difficult it was to make an impact in the world or to even be taken seriously. Having people support you and see your potential is only one piece of the jigsaw, the confidence to excel comes from within. Being able to support and work with SS4B is important to me because I believe everybody has the potential to be more than what society dictates of them. Sporting athletes have a plethora of transferable life skills and qualities that are exceptional and should be given the credit they deserve outside of sports. I am excited to be working with SS4B to help young athletes unlock their potential and see the holistic value they can offer the business world and life beyond sport. 

Dov Katz - Corporate finance partner and sports lawyer at Blake Morgan LLP

Sport has played and continues to play a significant role in my career. At the age of 11, and for seven years, I studied at the City of London School for Boys and at the same time travelled the country and abroad for table tennis competitions.  This laid the platform for my future career in the law, with sport playing a decisive role.

Corina Goetz – Middle East Strategist

I want to support future generations to have confidence in themselves that no matter where they are from or what their childhood was like, there is always a path for them. With the right determination and mindset, you can do anything.

Lily Tang – Cofounder & CEO of CareForMe

For students, life is full of possibilities and the learning journey is not just about athletic progress alone but about enriching their lives through educational opportunities. I am thrilled that SS4B offers exactly that to young athletes and I’m excited to support students and introduce a different perspective to their lives.

Annie Edmonds – Owner of a fitness franchise F45 studio

Annie’s journey began as a startup. She raised her own investment, navigated the business landscape, and turned her dream into a reality. Now, she’s on a mission to inspire other young entrepreneurs to chase their dreams fearlessly. It's important to Annie that she's able to share her knowledge with others and show those aspiring to make headway in the UK fitness industry that there is more to being successful than just being a good trainer or sportsperson. Her mentors are what pulled her through, and she wants to help others and what better way than through this platform. 

by Wendy Henderson